Should I let him go?


It all started with me seeing him at practice then watching the way he treats my friends nicely and lastly receiving a hug.I feel as if I might have a crush on him because I can’t seem to stop thinking about him but he’s technically an acquaintance. This past Wednesday I told my friend (who is very close to him) that I have a crush on him and now she’s determined to help. But recently I’ve noticed signs that he could possibly like her and she told me about him hugging her and almost caressing her face and every time he does that she tries to gentle push away his hand.Last time I spoke with my friend she told me that she used to have an attraction towards him and I told her that he most likely has one for her and that I have no chance also that if she want to be with him she can because that’s the first guy i’ve noticed that respects her and she’s had her heart broken to many times and I’ll just forget about him. My friend said no and that she’s determined but I told her I rather not be with someone then be with someone who likes my friend. These past days I can’t get him out of my head, should I let him go? How can I get him out of my head? Am I doing something wrong?

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1 Answer

so what I would do is like try to hang out with both of them like at the park or something and see how he treats both of you and then see what happens. like if he ignores you most of the time move on, like it will be hard and it will hurt so much but in the end you wont be as hurt if you want to keep crushing on himgood luck :)