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Should i go and get checked?


I am 17 and have schizophrenia and bipolar in my Genes, recently i have been feeling anxious and nervous for no reason and I’m getting worried that maybe i have something wrong with me. I sometimes get scared when by myself and get nervous and panic for a second then i think to myself there isn’t any reason to panic and try and keep calm, even though i know my mind makes me panic i cant control it! Should i get checked? If so who by?

Category: asked May 31, 2013

4 Answers

It's always good to be prepared So talk to your family and discuss it with a doctor. But my biggest bit of advice would be, don't get ahead of yourself. We all feel overwhelmed and at times crazy, trust me I know, but most times we're focusing on it too much is all. And doctors can be very quick to diagnose rather than take in other factors such as age or situations in life. So don't let anything they say define you. You're not crazy or weak and even if you have anxiety or something more related to your family's disorders, you'll get through it. But yes, talk to your family and see someone to try to get some relief. Just don't let anything be concrete right away. Keep an open mind.
You must get checked as soon as possible by a good doctor. Ask the family member with these disorder for suggestion on doctor. There are chances that you don't really have disorders. Sometimes daily life stresses can cause the individual to act that way,it happens to everyone or it might be your fear or psychology. One can never be sure unless guided by an expert(doctor in your case). Stay calm. There is nothing to worry about. Even if you are diagnosed with these disorders, it can be easily treated with medical procedures. Good luck:)
If you cannot afford a doctor then find your closest clinic. It sounds to me like anxiety. Don't stress too much because with the right medicine or natural methods, you can feel alot better. What works for one person may not work for another.
You should , just to settle yourself. But I'm sure you are not bipolar, it probably all in your head!