Should I follow my intuition or my logic?


Recently I’ve been crawling my way up the ranks in life. I have a stable job I like, I don’t make as much as I could to be comfortable, but I get by. I’m still out of the dating world (claiming I’m retired) but have my own place.
Recently I put myself in the running to become an Emergency Communications Dispatcher. Right now I work in Private Security so the stress and such wouldn’t be much different than I deal with now. I will be making about $7000 more a year in the position than I am currently. Additionally, in the long run it will move me to a part of town about 30 minutes away closer to my best friend. I have passed all the tests and background checks and my polygraph test is set for Thursday.
But when I went in for my interview, I just got a vibe that it isn’t what I want to do. In my gut, it just didn’t feel like something I would want to get involved with. They suggest you schedule a time to sit with an operator and experience what it is like but even the prospect of setting that up feels absolutely tasking.
So, if I follow my gut, I should walk away… but logically it’s a lot of money and a career with guaranteed growth. I don’t know what to do but my mind and heart is leaning to walking away. But I’m already at a point where all my friends and family make so much more money than me, and everyone is either engaged or married.
The struggle is real ladies and gentlemen. Thoughts?

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2 Answers

You're unsure so here's what you do - You schedule a time to sit with an operator to experience what it's like. If you still feel like walking away, then you do it. You said that feels taxing but ignore that feeling and do it! Best of luck!
Sometimes our gut is spot on, sometimes not. Try the Ben Franklin method: Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle - one side is for pros, the other for cons. Take several days to fill the page on both sides- write everything, no matter how silly it seems. Rate each pro & con according to importance/effect... say "A" for really important, "B" for important, "C" for not so important, "D" for delete (brain fart on the list). Cancel each side of pro As with Con As & so on, until you are left with nothing to cancel with. Whichever side has things left over on it (as long as it is not a brain fart "D") - that is the way you should go. Also, Giggle Blizzard has a good plan, too!