Should I end my long distance relationship?


I have been in a long distance online relationship for over a year. I am very in love with this guy and he says he loves me very much too. We video skyped every day for the last year and know everything about each other. Because of difficult circumstances we have not been able to meet. We live 7000 km from each other. There is a possibility he may be able to come see me in January . The problem is that he can’t seem to commit to an actual date when he will come. I understand it is a very long way for him to come and a big step in his life. But I’m starting to feel like maybe I am waiting for something that may never happen. We tried to break it off with each other a few months ago but we missed each other so much and we couldn’t not talking to each other we got back together. I just don’t know what to do…should I make him commit to date and if he doesn’t try to break it off for good or just keep waiting?

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"Love waits!"

Patience is the key to your problem. Its not about how far you are from your love one, it's about how near you are in their hearts. Trust each other! Never love someone who doubts you. If he does, then he's not the right one.
The thing about long distance relationships is that even if one of you were to move to the other person's city/country, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work out either. I am currently in the same situation, where I am from Europe and my bf is Canadian. I have been the one who travels back and forth so we can be with each other, and being away from my family isnt easy.I think all you can do is to talk it out, especially if he doesn't seem to even commit to just visiting. (all though I understand he might be nervous about meeting you face to face.) Go through what it will take to be able to be with each other. Travel expenses, time away from family, finding new jobs, etc. etc.Good luck! :)
That kind of distance CAN definitely be hard. I'm in a long-distance one right now, but at least we're on the same continent. We were recently married and soon, I'll be driving up there.I also know of a girl who traveled from the United States to Germany to be with her boyfriend. I'm certainly not saying that's for EVERYBODY, but still.Instead of fretting over a concrete date (7,000 kilometers is a HUGE distance to commit too, ESPECIALLY with the time and money involved), just ride it out and focus on your friendship with each other. If my long-distance, eight-year relationship has taught me anything, it's that your friendship is the most important thing to making a relationship work.Furthermore, there IS a possibility your relationship won't work out in the end. Worry about seeing each other a couple times in-person to gauge how being around the other person is. It'll be similar to your webcam chats, but also very different. ...also make sure to keep your hormones in check during those visits.
Despite the 7,000 km distance, both of you dearly love each other while enjoyed video chatting through Skype nearly everyday last year. He might visit you in January.

On the other hand, you sound disappointed that he can't commit to a date whenever he finally visits you. You acknowledge traveling to another country and heading steady are stressful; which many can, but you feel let down that the commitment may not happen. You and he attempted to separate from one another yet the yearning for each other brought both of you back together.

Although the advice above sounds concrete because of similar experiences, what would you like to do instead of should do? People including myself can suggest what you should and should not do, but we're not 100% in your shoes. There isn't a cookie-cutter advice that fits for everyone's experiences. If you force him to commit to a date, how would you achieve that? If you wait for him to commit to a date, how well are you with patience? It truly depends.
i was in the same boat. we ended it. we know it can't work out cuz we re so far apart. I still love him. i miss him. I hope I meet someone as sweet as he is. :( I hope I meet him someday, as a friend at least. hmph ;(