Should I do cocaine?


Well its pretty simple should I?

asked December 24, 2014

4 Answers

Incredibly addictive, easy to OD on, and very possibly impure and cut with something toxic. Definitely doesn't seem like a good idea. It also wipes out huge numbers of brain cells, and your body stops producing those at 18-20 or so, aside from in memory centers. You are literally making yourself stupider by snorting coke. Yeah, it's apparently fun, but it's definitely not worth the risk.
no no no!! It gives u a high with a crash later... It is very addictive and harmful.. This is not open for discussion because it is way too harmful.... If you need more proof tell me...
im not going to discourage it bc then i would be a hypocrite but it affects different ppl differently. it doesn't do much for me but others it makes them aggressive and rude, like my bf. i would set aside plenty of time in a safe environment w ppl u trust if ur going to.