Should I contact my ex?


We were together for about 4 years. We broke up in December and shortly after he slept with someone else. We started talking again and I said I could forgive him so we were trying to get back together. Then last month he told me he couldn’t forgive himself and felt guilty being around me. So obviously a lot of mistakes were made here but after having some time to reflect I realized how much I contributed to the problem because even though I didn’t mean to, I was punishing him.

I’m really missing him and he hasn’t contacted me but from the few things I’ve seen from him on social media it looks like he misses me too. He also hasn’t asked for his stuff back yet which usually means he wants to get back together. He’s the only person I’ve ever been able to completely be myself with. He’s my best friend…or he was. I don’t know that it would work if we got back together right now but the last thing I said to him was how angry I was so mostly I just want to apologize for my part in everything. So if you’ve stuck with my story this long, good idea or bad idea?

Category: asked July 21, 2014

3 Answers

Are you looking for someone you can live with...or someone that you can't live without?
I think that your paragraph describes your feelings. You like him, a lot, but you are not devastated by the break up.
Once you honestly answer the question above, you will know if you should contact him or not.
I actually think that contacting him wouldn't be a bad idea. Now saying that, I think that contacting him could bring up difficult emotions. You two were together for a long time. If it didn't work even after you got back together, then there shouldn't be a lot of indication that you two are still compatible. Talking about it could just further hurt both of you. In the end, it's your choice.
youh should folow your heart. if youh really want to try and make it work go for it ... but if youh think its not going to dont. dont doubt yourself follow your insicts. also they say once a cheater always a cheater and in my experience its said to be true