Should I consider marriage?


So. I don’t freakin’ care HOW weird you think I am, just saying that now. I will ignore any useless posts.

Look, I’ll be direct. I hate sex. HATE it. Yes, I’m a guy. A young guy at that.

So what? You have a problem with that? Too bad, it’s your problem, not mine. Not apologizing for being me, heh.

Sorry I had to do that, but this is the internet, and there be jerks lurking. Many of whom I have met.

My question is this: I do like girls romantically but not sexually. One of my greatest wishes is to remain celibate and pure for life, which means I would not offer my partner anything in the way of sex. In that case, should I consider marriage?

Would marriage be appropriate for someone like me to consider? Or would it be more like a tease?

Dunno. It’ll be interesting to hear opinions on it, though.

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Absolutely you can consider marriage! There are other people in the world who feel the same way you do!It's just a matter of finding the right person who understands and respects you and your feelings and choices. The right person will love you for you. =)
It depends on the person! Obviously if you are considering a long term relationship or marriage with someone who IS very sexually driven, you'll have some things to work out. But there are lots of people out there who don't like or want sex! Its definitely a possibility, its just a matter of finding the right person and working things out to a point where everyone is happy :)
Marriage is the true way to love, you will eventually mate when the proper time comes, I understand you to the letter.. and yes.. you have to consider marriage with someone you truly respect and care for. someone who you see as both friend and family.
i think you should NOT consider marriage at first . as the others pointed out . first try to make some partners that think like you do . i am not gonna say every long relationship will lead to sex but most of them will. maybe your hatred of sex has relation to something that can be reconsidered anyhow its your life your choice
I think that you have a right to your personal opinion on relationships. Meaning that if you are more so satisfied with the emotional aspects of relationships, then you should stick with that. I'm sorry that you are worried about people not treating your choices with respect, and that you have to warn others about that in your post. However, I want to tell you that just because you choose not to engage in intercourse does that mean you are denied a right to marriage.HOWEVER, and I apologize for she all caps, I agree to some extent with Amirhosein and even more so with Caitlin. namely, marriage should not be the thing that you strive for at first. BUT, if you feel close to someone who SHARES the same interests and life choices, you have the right to pursue marriage. I am not saying, that my opinions reflect your thoughts, and in no way do I want to force something on you. Yet, I agree more so with Caitlin, because I think it's important to know someone, and share the same beliefs before making a life commitment. she is right in saying that there are others like you, you just have to take the time to know them.Also, I think it is admirable that you are so upfront with these opinions. I apologize if what I may be saying does not agree with what you are saying. In no way do I desire to put words in your mouth, or force you into marriage or sex, or something that you don't completely have an interest in. Nonetheless, I think that you have a right to feel the way you do. I think that there are others like yourself who have the same thoughts. But, I think it is important to consider that marriage for some is not the right path. I am not saying this about you. I just feel that you should look at your life like it's malleable. Like it's a painting, you should see that you can always make new changes and find new interests, but you don't have to force yourself into making the next Picasso.with that said, if you finally meet someone who prefers the emotional aspects of a relationship seek happiness in person, not in the final outcome. Long term or spouse. when you meet them, I think that someone as thoughtful as you will know what you want. But, for now take the time to enjoy what's most important to you.Again, you seem like a kind person and you have every right to have your own happiness. I sincerely hope that this helps. If not, I hope that you find the answer that you are looking for.
I think if you find someone who is okay with your choice and respects it then it would be great for you to get married.
I personaly think that it will not last unless you are lucky enough to find some one who feels the same way.Not some one who just says thats ok!
It is a totaly natural thing to want to do after marriage,even if it wasnt before hand,that is.
I wonder why you feel this way,and if for now you need to focus on finding that out,or having help for that before you consider getting married as i dont feel it would be something that will not cause issues as time goes by.
Totally! Just tell her that o don't want to have sex. You do sound like a perfect couple. <3 you and wish you the best!