Should i call RSPCA?



A friend of mine has 2 lovely dogs. However, he works long hours and so has to leave them alone for most of the day. They have in the past chewed up furniture and electrical cables when they have had free roam of his place, so now he shuts them in the kitchen when he is not there. The kitchen is pretty small, and they are medium sized dogs.

He does feed, water, and walk them when he can, and i have been helping out with that when i am able.

I went over there yesterday, and it turns out he had not been home in about 36 hours. Their food and water bowls were empty, and they had pooped and pissed all over the kitchen. The smell was unbelievable!

Anyway, i cleaned up best i could, fed and watered them and took them out for a walk. But i felt so bad having to shut them back in there :(

He says he loves the dogs, but he really doesnt seem to be taking good care of them.

I feel like i have to do something, but not sure what. Either talk to him, and maybe suggest he asks his parents to look after them, or go straight to the RSPCA?

Ive never owned a dog, so i dont know much about how to care for them, but their current situation doesnt seem healthy :(

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I think the first thing you should do is talk to your friend about the situation. Tell him that it's not healthy or a good quality of life for the dogs and that you're not blaming or accusing him, but that you know and he probably knows that its not right for them to be living the way they are living. Try to be as neutral and calm as you can while talking to your friend. If the situation doesn't change or continues to get worse, then you should tell the RSPCA.
I have a dog. I've had two dogs at the same time, and I always aim to never leave them alone for more than 8 hours. Dogs are social creatures, and even though they find company in each other, they need you to show up, love them, care for them and be with them. If you can't find a way to do that - or someone to help you do that - it's time to realise that you're not a good owner.You're right. It's not healthy, and it's not fair to those two dogs, who view this guy as the light of their lives. Neglect is also a form of cruelty.Talk to him, see if he can hire someone to walk them, or check on them, or if he can shuffle things around to give them the three walks (or one long walk and two shorter "airings" to relieve themselves), two meals and bunches of cuddles they need every day. If he can't, and he doesn't agree that 36 hours is too long, reconsider if calling RSPCA is the solution."When he can" isn't good enough. "When they need" is his responsibility, but give him an opportunity to sort it out himself before you call someone in. It's likely that the RSPCA won't be the knight in shining armour you're imagining, either.Good luck. :)
While it is not abuse, it sure is neglect. I would talk to your friend about it first. Going behind his back will just cost you a friend. Maybe suggest hiring a dog walker. They will come in and let the dogs out, walk them, feed them, etc when asked. If he decides to ignore your concern, I'd think about taking action then. Best of luck!
If they are not being fed, or watered then you should call.. If it was a baby not being fed the parents would get called on. Just because it is animals that you're dealing with doesn't mean they're not as important. You could be saving their lives. I would say "yo, do your dogs ever get to go to the park or outside?" (just things you would know regular dogs owners would do) and if he says no then you know there is a problem.
I have a dog and when i work 8 hours he's left alone. It kills me but I need to work to support him and myself. More than 8 hours is a problem, but people get very defensive if you accuse them of not doing what they should...kind of like telling a parent theyre raising their kid wrong. That being said, the length of time the dogs are left alone is not healthy for them. Suggesting he hire a dog walker is a better idea. You definitely should be careful how you approach the situation. I wouldn't call rspca, but definitely talk to him. Just be careful with your words.