Should i break up with my gf?


She hasn’t been talking to me at school. When I do try to start a conversation she just blows it off. She only talks to me when its convenient to her. I want someone to come close to and be with for a long time, that i can have a chance to make smile.I’ve also confronted her about it and she said she needs to keep her business to her self and i need to do the same. I don’t like hurting peoples feelings either so please give some good advice!!!!!!! :)

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5 Answers

Break up with her! If she doesn't even talk when you want to, she's a terrible gf like really bad. She doesn't deserve you. But still try to solve the problem and see how that goes.
I think you guys need to talk about this. You can try to approach her and let her know how you are feeling. Don't be confrontational though, just express how you feel. If, however, she refuses to talk to you after a couple of tries then I would just say you suggest to her that you break up and see how she takes it. Because if she ignores your attempts to fix your current situation then she is not as invested in the relationship as you are.
this doesnt even seem like a relationship
I wouldn't jump the gun and break up with her, yet. If you can, sit her down and talk to her about the fact that you feel she is ignoring you. There might be an issue that can be resolved by trying to talk to her about it.
honestly if you have you been with her? if not that long......move on and take time to find whats really worth it.