Should I be nervous or excited?


Alright I’m going to start by listing the people I hang out with and give them fake names so I’ll get through this thing faster.

Amy – My friend that I’ve had a long history with, been through thick and thin, and right now we’re just friends that do random stuff at school and sometimes call each other and just talk about random stuff. I don’t want to get too close to her because if we fight, then yeah.

Shane – My ex friend and my worst enemy. He was my friend for 3 years until in July, and since then we’ve never talked physically, he has attempted to manipulate me through text because he’s a sociopath or something, but other than that we’ve had no contact what-so-ever. I wouldn’t consider in being friends with him again because he’s a careless asshole pretty much.

These are the only people I’m listing since the rest of the group isn’t involved (I think) So here it goes.

Shane and Amy have also had a history together, like me and Amy. They’ve been enemies, best friends, buddies, everything. In the moment they are again on the way of becoming good friends again, and they hang out a lot. I even see Shane giving her hugs, something he had never done with me. But anyways,

Shane is a lot in the way of me and Amy, which is funny because last year it was the exact opposite! My body goes into panic when I’m near Shane so whenever Shane is in the group talking to them I just sneak away and curse myself for being such a coward.

But here is the weird thing, in lunch, Amy and Shane were talking about me and I was like “Huh?” But they were like “Nothing!”

But later in class Amy told me that it’s about my birthday gift. Now, I don’t know if Shane is completely involved in it, but she said it’s something she’s considering, and I don’t think it’s an object, so I’m worried. And as usual, my anxiety started kicking in during the math test;

- What if they’re planning some evil stuff against me?
- What if Amy is just faking being my friend and she’s planning to do something horrible to me?
- What if she is helping Shane do something evil to me?

But the worst of the worst thoughts is…

What if they found out about my big sexual secrets and plan to use them against me!?

So I asked her more about it and she said it’s something about “being funny” and that I “need to laugh at it”…And then she also said
“It’s not like we’re planning on killing you or something LOL” But that just made me more paranoid.

Anyone have an idea of what their little plan is?
I’m scared. I’m considering going into a coma on my birthday because I’m kinda scared of this thing. I know it’s definetly not something about my ex-friend apologizing or something, that would never happen.

Maybe I’m just overthinking this, but I don’t know. My birthday is in a month but I’m already pretty worried.

Additional: Amy also said that she dosen’t know if I will like it and she also made me promise not to get upset or mad? Could this be some prank? I’m so worried.


I’ve just noticed that in lunch also, Shane dosen’t sit where he can sit next to Amy and across his best guy friend, he sits like almost across from me, one or two seats away from being across from me. It is really weird too. It makes my lunch unpleasant but I really hope he dosen’t notice that.

Any idea why he refuses to sit next to his best friends and chooses to sit across from his enemy? (me)

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1 Answer

First, I don't think Amy would have told you it was about your birthday present had she/they planned to prank you in an evil way.
Next, I think that over-worrying about it won't help. Now, you are letting yourself be affected a month in advance, you are making your life hard just by thinking that maybe you are being plotted against.

One thing I would suggest, is making it clear with Amy that you will not tolerate any bad taste joke being pulled on you, specially for your birthday. At least this way things will be clear between you two. Just make her know it would be over between you two.

Now, let's suppose they are indeed planning something bad. First off, there's nothing you can do about it. Second, you panicking in advance just doubles the fun for them. Don't show that it affects you. People tease others looking for a reaction. Don't give them what they want.
I'll give you a ridiculous example, my roommate locked me in the garage once just for fun and was waiting outside with a camera (I was in my pj's). But instead of opening up the garage door I just grabbed a book and waited there lol. He got tired after a while and I got out of there without the YouTube treatment.