Should i be concerned?


the schizoid personality disorder patient must at least have 4 of these attributes:

-Emotional coldness, detachment or reduced affect.
-Limited capacity to express either positive or negative emotions towards others.
-Consistent preference for solitary activities.
-Very few, if any, close friends or relationships, and a lack of desire for such.
-Indifference to either praise or criticism.
-Little interest in having sexual experiences with another person (taking age into account).
-Taking pleasure in few, if any, activities.
-Indifference to social norms and conventions.
-Preoccupation with fantasy and introspection.

i believe i have all these except that the “emotional coldness” part might be a little controversial (i have feelings no matter how little)

should i be concerned?

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well the first rule of any psychological or medical condition is that one should never diagnose them self. secondly having a condition changes nothing about who you are. All it means is that there is a label and possibly a treatment for certain conditions. For example take a child with ADHD. That child is the same before and after they are diagnosed. The only real difference is the treatment options. All in all what about your life would change? And I cannot emphasize enough, if you are really worried do not self diagnose. See a professional
Well self-diagnosis is pretty much always a bad idea. If you really feel like you're detached, like you have a limited capacity for emotions, like you don't desire friendships or other personal relationships, or like you take pleasure in very few activities, that might be something to look into. Another thing to consider is how long you have felt like this. In order to officially have a personality disorder, symptoms must be present for several months in an adult, or at least a year for a teenager. If you are a teen, keep in mind that you're constantly changing and growing, especially your mind. This could very easily be something you're going to grow out of.
In all honestly I don’t see anything wrong with any of the points
ohh i think you misunderstood me i didn't self-diagnose myself, i simply feel related to that disorder and i was wondering if i should seek help from a professional or not or if its a big deal or nothing to worry about...but thanks
It's nothing to worry about.