Should I apply for a new job?


I’m in my late 20s, HATE MY LIFE and JOB when I’m at work.I know I should be grateful because I make a decent wage but I live at home still and obsess about applying for a new one every day as it is painful and tedious and not ‘enjoyable/fulfilling’ at all.

As soon as I come home I’m relaxed and find myself no longer interested in searching/applying.

I have a university degree and over 4yrs of experience in my field.

Category: asked April 2, 2013

2 Answers

Sometimes we work the jobs we don't want to because they pay the bills. I think you have to take your financial future into consideration and figure out what is going to give you the most stable life.
Whatever makes you happy. Sometimes that means a greater income, sometimes that means doing what you enjoy and enjoys you back (: