she’s pretty far away, but…?


I’m usually a listener, although I did get some advice on this first before this. I don’t believe my problems are very big, but I want to ask for advice on something.
I have a girlfriend in Australia, I was best friends with her for about a year before I asked her out, and it’s been about five months of dating. So a year and a half. We are in love, both having our fair share of failed relationships, and I had given in to my feelings for my best friend and just asked her. We’ve always been perfect for each other, but the distance from America to Australia is big.
Now…I had plans to go to college, and it was all planned out when I was alone and wanted to get away from where I am, but I’m not alone anymore. Yes, we have video chatted, and message more than you’d expect two people in a twisted time zone difference. Bottom line, I want to be there. Skipping school work to talk to her is a sign that I’m not happy where I am. Advice? Opinions?

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That's a very tough choice to make, honestly. When you're entering a new relationship, you have to be wary not to lose yourself in the process. That being said, do you have any sort of back up plan if it doesn't work out over there? Shit, does unfortunately happen. If I you're dead set on being with her though, then at least take the time to plan and save up money just in case things don't work out.