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She won’t talk to me anymore.


I met this girl at the beginning of this year. We got along really well, after a while we started talking about more serious stuff. We mostly talked about her, well all of the time really. It never bothered me though, I just want to help her.
Recently she has become very distant with me. We ended up talking a week ago, she said that she could see that what we talk about was affecting me so she decided to push me away. I feel like there’s this knot in my stomach whenever where in the same room, it’s so difficult to talk to her now and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like we’re slipping away from each-other

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2 Answers

I think you can only try and see if you can have a conversation with her that isn't about her and her problems, if you can talk normally like two people having a conversation about your respective lives. Ride the discomfort in the meantime, as time passes you'll be able to be around her without experiencing negative emotions, and when you get there maybe you'll be in a better position to talk. Right now the way you feel about her isn't the same as she feels about you, so it's good to stay apart.
It sounds like she's putting up a wall for whatever reason. Although it may be difficult to talk to her, try to still... Sometimes people put up walls hoping someone will break them down and reach out to them. I've experienced being pushed away. When I found out the reason behind it, it was because that person felt I was too good for them and they didn't want to hurt me so they purposely distanced themselves. Remind her that you understand where she's coming from. Granted she can see that it's affecting you, let her know if you didn't care you wouldn't feel/react that way. That it would hurt you more if she wasn't able to be open with you. Hope things get better for you.