she broke my heart what do i do now


so i was going out with this girl for a while i thought it was going great we had long deep convos that lasted hours we went out on many dates she told me she loved me i put my heart on my sleave and let her in but now the jokes on cause she wants to post on facebook cant even be a real women and tell me to my face to my face that she was ling and only wanted to use me for sex which would of been fine if she said this from the beginning but thats karma cause ive used girls in that way before but i cleaned up alot im living a spiritual live today and i treat women like queens not princess i give this girl my all and i feel like she spat in my face but im bout to go back to just fucking girls cause i give up

Category: asked January 26, 2014

2 Answers

Don't go back. You made great progress by turning yourself around. Just try to remember you were there once, so as hard as it is not to judge you don't want to be a hypocrite. She may have hurt you but you now have a better understanding of what you put others through before. Do you really ever want to go back to doing that after seeing the affects it has? You have already proven to yourself you are a better person than that, so do not lessen yourself. If you treat women like queens you just have to be patient and wait for someone who is ready to step up to the throne!
i don't think u should go back to what you were. There are lots of girls out there who want meaningful relationships so its just a matter of time till you find the right one. And problems like this will come and go but you should be lead by what you want and not by the problems you face.