Shaving my head for cancer


I’m thinking seriously about shaving my head for cancer but my family and friends think it’s a bad idea. I really want to show my support and raise money for cancer but I’m scared about what I will look like and I pretty much just need some encouragement!! So do you think it’s a good idea?

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its up to you! a few of my friends shaved their heads and were like these beautiful foreign shaved beauties hahaha.
yes! Very supportive. Do what you want(:
I think it would be an amazing idea...not many people have the guts to do that!! Don't worry about the other people do what you think is right. (If your worried about what you would look like just buy a bald cap and see.)
i think you should do it !! if you're too scared to shave it, maybe just colour it because its pretty much the same thing because its all going to the same cause! im a girl & i recently shaved one side of my head & even though at the moment i might not regret it, i know growing it out is going to be a bitch! haha so if youre not ready for that, then just colour it :)

In 2007, my brother was 19 and was diagnosed with Cancer (he is in remission now) and although I was involved with the organisation of CanTeen at the time, I really did not get too involved until 2010 when I moved away from home to attend university.

Shaving my head was something I had thought deeply and frequently about although I always thought that I never had the guts to go ahead and do it - I was too worried about what others would think, how they would view me and in all honest, I was far too attached to my hair.

In the end, I decided that I would do it and ended up writing a blog post (many months before) about my plan to shave my hair - I thought the more people that knew about it, the better, and the less chance I had of backing out of it.

A few weeks before hand, I was sitting in church one morning and thinking about how I would look and feel without hair (at this point I had let my hair grow and it was quite long as just as thick as it had always been). While sitting there thinking about it all, I heard the words inside my head tell me "Its your hair but its their lives. Hair grows back, lives don't." Immediately, I knew I had to go through with it, in order to raise awareness and support for those living with cancer.

I was overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of support I received throughout the process and although I was terrified, there were so many there on the day to encourage me, hold my hand, pray with me and just generally support me as I took that massive step.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me - I also have photos and videos of the hair shaving, if you would like to catch a glimpse.

I say go for it because its an incredible thing to do, in order to support others and its an amazing challenge for yourself too.

P.S The scary part is making the decision, the freak out stage is the day you have it done. The best part is the $ you save in shampoo and conditioner, the feeling you have afterwards and the fun times you have as it grows back!