Sexual Predators on Blah


Hey everyone, there has been people coming here on blahtherapy that have some seriously bad intentions. People are coming here as venters/listeners and are taking advantage of people being depressed, needing friends, and overall taking advantage of people trust. People are coming on here with the intentions of either finding you in real life and sexually abusing you, and are also trying to get people naked on webcam.. and they are using the fact that people are having mental issues to do it, like try are giving advice just to get closer to people and manipulate them into really trusting or liking them then are adding people on messengers they try to get them naked on webcam as well as trying to find out where you life- i have a few female friends on here that have been victimized by this multiple times! Personally i don’t see an issue with giving out your messenger info unless it has your name and stuff where people could use that to locate or stalk you even more so if you do you need to make sure you are doing it safely!

One of my friends from here gave out their name- the person was able to guess what race they were because of the name and told her her own race. She asked how did you know that? That’s when he said that he was a teacher in her area and recognized her, then used that trust to add them on Skype trying to get her naked on webcam as well as trying to find her personal info.. and yes she did get on webcam. She deleted him afterwards and he has been making new accounts trying to get her added again and keeps talking about his penis trying to get her to go on cam again. It’s disgusting to see people get taken advantage like this when they are at their low points in life but people are taking advantage of it to get what they want. When people tell you that they want you to go on cam, simply disconnect the chat, then hit the report button immediately! They are trying to fool you into thinking that it is helping them, that you are being a good person. It is a lie. People are taking advantage of your kindness to simply get what they want. Be strong and avoid these people, simply disconnect or block them if you have them added. Like i said I’ve added people to Skype all the time and have made some really cool friends- but if they are hinting towards things of that nature.. report & block!

Into the psychology of their actions: These people are very lonely in their life and are desperate to feel sexual passion towards a female. They could go and just watch a porn or something sure but what they are longing for is a way to release their need for sexual passion by watching a girl who is there for THEM, not someone live on a webcam in general, they want one that is there specifically doing it for them.. and some of them just want to watch children for their own twisted pleasures which i will not go into detail about. These people need serious psychiatric help, if you find one of these people don’t think you can get past his urges and try to help him- they need serious help way beyond what we can offer.

I didn’t know where the post this so sorry if its in the wrong area. Also i want to add that one of these guys said he was using a VPN/Proxy so he cannot be tracked, so i know he intends to do this to multiple people.

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I work for a charity which offers confidential emotional support to people in distress. Unfortunately, these "sex calls" as we call them, are very common. Almost every single shift I do has at least one sex call.When I first found that out, I was shocked and appalled. But then I quickly got used to it. Some people just think it is OK to abuse people's good nature.Let me share how my organisation deals with these types of people:Firstly, I agree with the BlahTherapy FAQ advice - if you feel uncomfortable in any way then report the venter and disconnect immediately. It's not worth being upset about.Secondly, one technique you can try is to keep asking the venter about their emotions and feeling. For example: "How are you feeling about that?" and "What kind of emotions are you experiencing right now?"What you will often find is that people who are trying to get a sexual kick out of the chat won't want to talk about their feelings. Often this is enough to get them to disconnect themselves.If trying to get them to focus on their feelings doesn't work and they persist in trying to make the chat about sexual stuff, then warn them that they're abusing the service and you'll end the chat unless they want to talk about a genuine problem.If they still keep going, just end the chat - you gave them a chance!Above all, remember that you are doing the other person a favour. If they want to take advantage of you, don't let them!I agree with other commenters above - this behaviour is disgusting and should not be tolerated. As a listener on BlahTherapy you are doing a wonderful service for people!I'd also recommend giving out as few personal details as possible. Even use a fake name if that helps you feel more comfortable. Some of these people are very devious and clever.Be safe people!!!
yeah VPN/proxy can't be traced keeps your geographic location behind a minimum of 128-bit encryption.. its utterly distressing that these things happened.. thank you for the info :)
If you know of any abusive users, report them to my inbox privately and immediately.
In every good place ,there is some bad. We can't eliminate it, but we can report it. We try to help, and make them understand this is wrong. But you can't force knowledge, or reason, into a human's brain. Take care of your self, and always report. :)
I always very cautious on the internet. I was once on the chat here (I forget if I was venting or listening), and the guy in the end asked if he could Skype. I am 18 and he was 25, so he said. Maybe he was innocent, but I did not want risk it, so I disconnected. People think I am a coward, but in situations like this, you can never be too sure. I agree that people must be very careful when meeting others on the internet.
Proxy servers. help someone please who is savvy about that. so, there used to be no proxy server selection tab in the game and now it has an automatic selection by default and in recent days my pvp game doesn't work and the damage is very bad. is this change in the game connected to my problems and what proxy should I choose? automatically or just disable these proxies? maybe try these?