hi iam 17 male
in this age i need sex but it is forbidden in my society
so i open porno site but i feel guilt for that
van any body help me

Category: asked July 20, 2013

5 Answers

Don't feel like what you are doing is wrong or disgusting or anything, there's nothing wrong with masturbating and watching porn to do that. It's just hormones and pretty much anyone has those urges at your age and older. I wouldn't equate masturbating to sex but just know that it's a completely normal process! Let's be honest, the majority of the internet comprises mostly of porn for a reason so don't feel bad or wrong for doing so.
I didn't have sex not once and i am trying now to control my desire
Exploring ones sexuality is completely normal. And I do believe that watching porn is completely normal as well. If you like it, you shouldn't feel guilty. Sex and sexuality is a part of life, and there is nothing wrong with watching porn. That's my opinion (:
I understand that beliefs are important as I am a Christian my self.But it is difficult if you don't have those same beliefs.You only mentioned that its wrong in your society,you didnt say what you feel. As a teen it difficult as it is,but you do need to stand by what you believe in. I for one dont feel its a good idea to look at porn ( I hate it any way,it discuss me that people would lower themselves to have pictures take like this)Any ways... this will only enhance your desires and you will find your self given in to having sex any ways,either with some one,or yourself and that also would be wrong with the beliefs you have been bought up with.
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