Sex Hallucination


I dream/hallucinate a lot of times of someone fucking me up. You know that feeling that it really feels good right. But i don’t know the person. And sometimes I can feel its maybe the evil, like last night. I really woke up because I was so scared. What does this suppose to mean? Anyone?

Category: asked August 25, 2014

3 Answers

sexually charged hallucinations can be caused by narcolepsy
First of all, your brain is causing this to you, not anyone else, so don't worry you don't need to get scared as you are your brain and you can control what you think up until a certain level. No one here can give you a 100% correct answer I'm sorry to tell you that only a proffessional like a therapist can and if you want to know why is this happening to you and the meaning of it they will give you more accurate answers.
I'm scared of being posses you know the one like the exorcism thingy movie. Thats what happened to her