self esteem books?


I’m trying to work on loving myself now that my boyfriend is deployed. I feel like I should learn to love myself (inside and out) to appreciate his compliments and better our relationship. With that said, anybody recommend any good books you have read that has helped you with your self-esteem or helped you to love your qualities?

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Absolutely. Robert Greene's books:

The 48 Laws of Power,
The 33 Strategies of War,
The Art of Seduction,

All of those links are to free PDF views online, you can download them directly to your computer risk-free, or read them from the internet. I couldn't find a non-downloadble PDF of Mastery. I still recommend you go to your nearest bookstore and support Robert Greene by purchasing his books.

Those books are not truly self-help books, they are psychological studies containing distillations of timeless, fact-based wisdom concerning the topics. The information in those books has helped me tremendously. I am profoundly more confident and secure after bringing the knowledge contained in those books into my life.

Here is a picture I just took of my desk with my copies to prove that I'm not just lobbing sales pitches.
Thanks Jonathan! I will check those out! I'm so glad they are free and pdf, too!Love to Listen: How did you start meditating? Any tips on getting started? Meditation has always interested me but I've never actually tried it.