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I’ve always compared myself to other girls, older or younger. Like, always. I don’t think of myself as hideous, I just think everybody is prettier, smarter, funnier and just better than I am. This is a growing habit and I’ve never been able to shake it. Also, I’m just really self conscious about my body and how I look in clothes. I have a really, really huge chest and I wish my stomach and thighs were smaller. I’d just like some tips on how to feel comfortable in my own skin and how to feel proud of my self image.

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There are 7 billion people on this planet and an unprecedented level of technology connecting most of us, it's no wonder people always feel someone else is somethingier than them. The good news however is that any of these people you see as somethingier than you will have a whole heap of people who are somethingier than them and they probably know that. And also it's all a matter of perspective, you will always find people have different opinions of who's the somethingest regardless of how you see it yourself. Right now there's probably more than one person who thinks you're the best thing ever but may never actually tell you in such words.
Be yourself and notice the love your friends give you. When you do, you'll stop caring as much about your self image. To keep things in perspective, not many people are judge others that often, or that harshly in reality. Also, from your picture, I think you're more than pretty enough to be the envy of other girls if they compare themselves to you. so yeah, be yourself.
Send yourself alerts & posted notes that are positive, do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. :)
Do you know what makes you feel good about yourself? How I got used to my own body was to try and be me for the longest time possible, and in an honest rant, I had asked someone, "Why do guys even like me? I'm terrible." And my friend, a guy, had replied, "You're pretty, Kate." From someone that had only known me for a short time. From someone who probably thinks of me as another girl in the crowd, and I'm pretty. I just remembered those words, and I was set.Before that had even happened, though, I was always looking at the features that I loved about myself but didn't see much on everyone else. My eyes. My hair. Brown eyes that everyone had, yes, but there was just something about my eyes that seemed different from everyone elses'. Looking at things like that everytime you look in the mirror is actually very boosting.Have you ever met anyone that treats you special, or better than others treat you? I suggest hanging out with them for a bit. Be casual, be yourself. When I did that, I was easily accepted as a friend of theirs, and even better- these people that I did this to are my best friends and one of them my boyfriend. So, basically, keep your head high so people can see that you're you, and show them that you're you. Oh, that girl is smarter? But can she be smart in everything, aren't you good at your own subject as well? They're funnier, but what about your inside jokes with people? Was that girl's joke funnier than that?
First, always remember why it’s so important to love yourself. Take the negative messages we’ve received about ourselves and think critically about where they’re coming from. Understand that what others say about us is not necessarily the truth and that we have the power within us to form our own truths. See how these messages were created and perpetuated to keep us in our place, wherever that may be in our society that is built on elitism and domination. Identify how we are socially and sometimes even physically punished when we stray too far from the “ideal”. Hear the shaming, blaming, and judging and see that it doesn’t mean that it is not about us, that there is nothing inherently wrong about us. In fact it often more points to what the person shaming us is about. Realize we are all just human beings, struggling to make it in this world that holds us to impossible standards and narrow boxes while wanting to authentically express ourselves and live our truth.

How to do it:

1. Identify the negative self-talk and where it’s coming from. Usually these messages have nothing to do with you and everything to do with the people and things that present themselves to you. And once you recognize that these so-called notions of who you are came from outside sources and not from within yourself, you’ll be one step closer to finding your own inner truth.

2. Discover your own truth. Sometimes we spend so much time living how society dictates we should live and doing what society wants us to do that we forget who we truly are or what we truly want for ourselves.

3. Believe that you have inherent self-worth. Remind yourself of your inherent self-worth and you will eventually come to recognize it for the truth it is. And when those negative thoughts rear their ugly heads (and they will), remind yourself that they are not the truth.

4. Talk to others about what you’re going through.

5. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about or interested in.

6. Read books/watch movies with strong characters that you relate to.

7. The mass media plays a huge role in shaping our perception of what’s considered “normal” and important. Often movies and TV shows project a reality that is very disconnected from the average person’s life, and it only serves to make many of us feel inferior.

8. Speak your truth.

9. In addition to letting others dictate who we should be, we often let them dictate what we say as well. Sometimes we will stay silent about issues we believe in or avoid standing up for ourselves so that we don’t rock the boat. But in doing this, we are shamed into silence and our emotional realities are dismissed and minimized – by ourselves or by others. Once we are in touch our true selves, we can speak out loud and proud about who we are and what we want in life—our goals, are experiences and how we feel about what others say and do to us.

10. Be yourself.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
My advice for self image is hanging a big mirror in your room and look at yourself every morning, until you recognize you for you, next is work out and improve yourself like you do with a painting... sure you can accept who you are.. but you can also better yourself because life is all about change. :) embrace change! strive to move it to the better side.