Seeing the girl I like.


So i’m meeting the girl i like for the third time in a few hours we’re going for drinks in a pub i know she likes. if everything goes well i was going to try kissing her. Though on Sunday she spoke to me about someone (her ex) and it’s kind of threw me off a bit. I won’t go into details but basically she said she’s not been happy over the last few months wished she could forget about the past year finding it hard to be alone.

I’m just thinking would it be right for me to try kiss her as i dont want her to feel like im taking advantage of the situation but it’s also the third time we’ve met and im thinking if i dont show her how i feel i will kick myself for not taking action and wondering.

Thanks for any advice.

Category: asked July 9, 2015

2 Answers

Hi Bjorn! From what you've told us, I really think you should do it. You don't mean to be taking advantage of the situation, right? You really like her. Yeah, it might be the third time you guys are meeting up, but that's alright. She said she wanted to forget about the past year, and the best way to make someone forget things is to give them new things to remember. Better memories. So, get out there and help the girl out. Do your best, man! Plus, you get to do this for both her and you. It's a win-win situation. So go for it! Good luck~
Hey dude, kisses are great when they just happen, but this planning for shit to happen never works right. Wait until you feel the moment, don't make it awkward by planning it out.