searching for a closure thatll never happen?


my ex boyfriend and i have not been in contact for about 10 months. since he gotta my cousin pregnant and he stopped talking to me like it was my fault. i didnt even get a sorry,. i just need to get over this and move on

Tags: asked November 23, 2014

3 Answers

Closure isn't really a thing, that way. It happens because you make a choice to start changing things internally, not because of any external event. The exception is when you're angry at someone. In that case, getting the rant out of your system at them can help, and is kind of necessary. If you're still in love with him, though, that won't help. You need to focus inward, on why you feel the way you do and how you can change that.
DONT CALL HIM!.. trust me, its better that way. Unless you can say out loud that you longer don't feel anything for him. I was madly in love( still am) and we broke up, she disappeared for months! Called one day wanting to see me(closure?) Afterwards I felt like crap. Now I have to start forgetting her all over again. Well, good luck I hope everything works out for you :)
dunno if calling can help.. i mean u really shudnt gv him any chance to say much cos like the others said above who nows wat he may say.. and worse he may not say anything and it cud make the situation worse.. i hv bn searching for the same answer to closure.. for me what helps is hope..besides the other stuff of keeping busy n meeting new ppl etc..hope that tomorrow will be better and that i will reach a point where the past wont hurt me.. so it makes me feel positive and better.