Screwy nightmares


I’ll spare you the details because they’re graphic but basically I’m taking this suicide risk test but the answers are twisted.Like would you slice your eye open and then of course pictures which torture device you you kill your friends or yourself with and in the end after a twisted series of questions there is a red and white ultra-soundish looking thing and it tells you to unscramble a bunch of letters and when I do it reads camal canibalism and then one black blob eats the other.After some more questions happy music like the kind you here at the end of mario plays and a creature with a huge smile and bloody holes for eyes tells me in a cheerful raspy voice to “You should just kill yourself”.I don’t know how to make the nightmares stop I don’t want to be afraid to sleep anymore I’m so sick of being jumpy and getting flashes of images that terrify me.I stopped watching horror movies years ago and they never scared me.I’m 14 now and a freshman in highschool.I can’t concentrate when I’m constantly on the brink of falling back into my twisted test.Please help me.

Tags: asked June 1, 2015

3 Answers

To me (very amateur dream interpreter), this sounds like you're worried about school and college, and your subconscious is telling you that test/exam results will mean way more than what they actually do. If you fail a test or exam, it's not the end of the world really, you can go back and redo levels at an adult education level to complete your formal qualifications if necessary. But your mind has blown it way up, and told you that if you fail, you will terminate your existence. I'm sure logically, in your awake moments, you realise that this isn't the case. But when you're sleeping and your deeper fears come out to play, they grab you. I would suggest considering relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or even just some quiet time listening to music every night for about a half hour or so before you sleep. Give your mind the chance to just chill out, and let go of all the drama and stress from the day. Going to bed, then talking to facebook friends about school work on your phone, is feeding your subconscious right before you allow it free reign when you sleep. Allowing it to wind down, will hopefully retrain your subconscious to know that sleep time is for peaceful regeneration. Maybe have a chat to your educators during the day, and get them to tell you what would actually happen if you don't pass a subject. Their worst case scenario will be much easier to think about than the one your mind comes up with. :) I wish you all the best with it.
Nightmares are usually caused by stress in your life, and in this case it sounds like school and exams are what showcases itself, which isn't that uncommon. You could argue about dream interpretation and all that, not a subject I'm too in depth with to be honest, but at the root of it all, it's your subconscious expressing your fears and worries, and that is something you can deal with.

Try to take some time and think about it, when did the dreams start occurring , when do they happen? Is there something in particular that you think might set them off? A part from school, could there be something else that causes you stress? Once you know the what, and why, you can come up with a plan to ease it. Talk to your teacher, or whoever you need to.

After a little google-fu (and some time of having some strange dreams myself) I've worked up a bit of a system to ideally prevent, or in some cases just stop them. Which is usually to wind down before I go to bed, try not to think about anything and just relax , which music helps a lot with. I also actually bought one of those dream catchers that's supposedly fights of bad dreams, now I can't tell you either way, but maybe simply believing in it actually does it. Haven't had a really bad one in a while. And in times when I do have them, and this may sound ridiculously simple, I wake myself up before that something actually happens.

Though another good advise I picked up from Doctor Phil, is to actually talk about your nightmare, like you are right now. Give it a voice, write it down. And then imagine a different ending to it.
Ending your nightmares is one thing. Understanding them is another thing entirely. To end your nightmares, you have to pay attention to what you're thinking about on a common basis and then bring different stimuli into your life. We dream about the things we see, do, hear and think about throughout our days; dreams are not mystical or some kind of omen, they are our brains' way of consolidating and processing information.

If you want to get rid of those dreams, then change the imagery in your life; think about more positive things, watch more positive television, read more positive literature, do more positive actions that bring you joy. Cut the horror movies, monitor your thought patterns and change any negativity. You can control your dreams by controlling your life.