So I am in my second term of massage therapy and it is a 6 term program, or nine months, each term goes really fast I mean its only a six week term, but ever since I was in high school I went back and forth with wanting to be a nurse or a vet, but I hate school, and those both take a good amount of time to complete, so I went to a Carrington College open house right before I graduated, and signed up for the M.A (medical assisting program) but then when I went in to figure out my payment plan and told my enrolement officer that I wanted to change and enroll in the massage program, I love it don’t get me wrong, but when I changed my mind nobody knew but me, so I went and loved the people loved the first day and then the first week, but then my dad and boyfriend found out what I was doing and from that point on my dad and boyfriend keep on making fun of me for it (oh your dirty your going to give dirty massages) (your going to get paid to role the dice) (your going to school to be a hooker)
stuff like that and I just kind of laugh it off but its really bugging me, and I am a bitch I know that I am but they are just not understanding my dirty looks, so is there anything that I can say to them that might get the point across that them making fun of me is KIND OF HURTING ME!?!?!?!?!?

I know I say this everytime I do a QnA but im sorry its so long, and THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to read my problems and comment your opinion, it really means a lot to me:)

Category: asked October 27, 2014

3 Answers

You could try saying 'you making fun of me is hurting me', considering that's the point you're wanting to make. Why be subtle about it?
You need to tell them what you just told us... They're not mind readers. I can understand why you're hesitant to say anything but it will only get worse, and some hard core resentments will form. You need to be direct and honest. Tell them that you're depending on their support. Tell them how much they hurt you...AND, you're NOT a bitch....
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