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So I am an a/b student and the end of the first 9 weeks of school is coming close, which means-report cards! Yay. I have an A in all my classes, even my 2 AP’s! But I have a 72 in math…. I’ve never been good at math but I’ve never ever had a C. I think the grades are final so I dont know what my parents will do when they see it.. They’re pretty strict about grades. It’s not that I don’t dry, because I truly do, it’s just that when a test comes around I panick..! So here are the main questions:
A.) what should I tell my parents so they don’t freak out when they see my grade?
B.) how can I study or raise my grade for the class..? Study tips, advice, anything is welcome.

Please answer, I really need someone’s help on this..

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Start by telling your parents now that your math grade isn't where you want it to be and go to your teacher and ask for how you can prepare better for the tests and exams. Being proactive about what's going on with your math class and personally talking to the teacher and your parents is going to be the better policy than being reactive for when they find out.