school studying.. Please help!


So I am an a/b student and the end of the first 9 weeks of school is coming close, which means-report cards! Yay. I have an A in all my classes, even my 2 AP’s! But I have a 72 in math…. I’ve never been good at math but I’ve never ever had a C. I think the grades are final so I dont know what my parents will do when they see it.. They’re pretty strict about grades. It’s not that I don’t dry, because I truly do, it’s just that when a test comes around I panick..! So here are the main questions:
A.) what should I tell my parents so they don’t freak out when they see my grade?
B.) how can I study or raise my grade for the class..? Study tips, advice, anything is welcome.

Please answer, I really need someone’s help on this..

Category: Tags: asked October 15, 2015