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So im quite shy, im not that good at making friends, but i try to be helpful and polite to other classmates when i need to. They kind of still think that im boring, not talkative person. well maybe that’s true. So a week ago our teacher divided our class in groups so there were 5 in each one. I was in one with no my friends, just other classmates. So that day was Monday. All groups needed to do a project untill next monday,which is today. And probably as all our class, our group didnt do anything untill weekend. The thing is, i got sick and whole Saturday n Sunday i wasnt on facebook, i didnt chat with those classmates, i think they done all the stuff on sunday. Im still sick and i wont go to school until next week. But today, all groups were presenting their projects. Im not sure what happened but i got a message from my friend, she said that ive got a bad grade from that lesson. So now i feel really bad. Idk if really i was wrong or no? Like we had all week to do that, but we didnt do nothing. And later i got sick and… So they probably said that i didnt do nothing for that project, so theacher thought that theyve ben doing work all week, just i didnt do nothing. But the truth is..and i feel bad because i feel like ive left them will all the work and ran. In scared i go there right now. So what do you think?

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Idk tbh I think you should've just started doing the project the day it was assigned to you ps maybe if the teacher knows that you're ill she might like change your grade, right? like a better grade or something
As in any situation that has already passed there are two things that are worth doing:
1) Reapir damage to the extent still possible. In this situation I think you can tell/write to your classmates from the group that you understand that you did not act in the best way, which has led to damage to yourself and them. You may also tell the same to the teacher. When a person accepts her responsibility in difficult situation it always strengthen her image and eases psycological strain between people.
2) Most important - think the situation through again and decide what you would have done differently. Promise yourself to act that better way next time when similar situation happens. Try to remember you proimse;).