scars that still havent gone away


Does anybody have any tips on how to make scars fade? I used to self harm a LOT since i was 12 and im 20 now and i havent in months but i still have most of my scars, including the one from when i first cut. Im not sure if its my skin type or just how deep the wounds were but ive tried mederma, home remedies, bio oil, etc and i have yet to find anything that works. Is it possible that they will just never go away? Im about to start nursing school and im scared i wont be able to get a job if im not able to cover them up with long sleeves like i usually do (they dont allow it)

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I also have scars. Some of them got a bit more vague over the years, but others still remain. I'm not entirely sure if you can get rid if them. I can understand that you want them gone. You can try to talk with your doctor about this and see if he has any solutions. I know how difficult it is when you're in the health care sector and you're not allowed to cover your arms. I hope that you'll be able to find a solution. Good luck.
Have you tried these tips: 4 Ways to Remove Scars on Legs ?
I don't know where you have your scars, but remedies for legs might be effective for arms also.
It says here that it is not possible to completely remove scars, but Johnny Depp used to self-harm and I don't see any scar on him. On the other hand, I have scars on my arm 'cause my cat once attacked me by accident and I still got them after 3 years. So maybe it's really the skin type.
Anyway, good luck! Of course, you will get a job. Not all jobs require their employees to have perfect skin. I mean, who the hell will see if you decided to be a computer programmer instead? lol
Thanks everyone! I never really thought about going to a doctor cause i figured that it would be considered cosmetic and it'd be too much money. I forgot to mention that the scars on my legs have been fading and they've looked much better with the bio oil i recently started using so im happy about that! The ones on my arms however, have been the same no matter what i do. The only difference is that they're not dark anymore. But in the link it described keloid scars and i now realized that's what they are and why they have been so hard to get rid of. Half of them are really raised and the other half are super indented. I talked to my friend about it and she helped me look up cosmetic procedures to get rid of them and its really expensive and insurance doesnt cover it. I barely have enough money to eat nowadays so do you guys think it's even worth it? Im really nervous about being judged or not taken seriously or about my future kids seeing them, what my boyfriend's family will think, etc. Should i just not care anymore??
It's not worth it. Don't spend on cosmetic procedure. You can go for it once you've collected enough savings. For now, you just shouldn't care anymore.
No one gets away from being judged, even the ones with very perfect skin. Don't be afraid of being judged. Look for something good in you and make it shine. It will outshine your imperfections. Always remember that you are beautiful. You might meet someone who is also suffering from scars, and he and his family will understand you. After all, there are lots of other people in this world who are in the same situation as you.