save my relationship


I’ve been in my relationship for seven months, we have been struggling as of late. I have heard that it is common for couples to go through a rough patch around this time when things get serious. We are very good about talking through our problems when they happen, but I feel like they are frequent disagreements, almost every couple days.
Neither of us wanted to be in a relationship when we meet, and I am unfamiliar with relationships, this are getting serious and I am having troubles feeling confident in our relationship because I’m scared of these disagreements, but when I’m feeling insecure we fight more, so it’s a vicious cycle.
I’m scared, I love this man, and he loves me. We’re going through so much crap in our lives, and there are a lot of changes happening. I can hardly imagine my life without him, we have so many great times, but it’s hard lately.
I don’t know how long to hold out before we need to give up and move on. I have never seen a good lasting relationship, so I have trouble trusting us and believing we have a future. He is the first man I have found worth the time, and the first man I’ve wanted to stay with. We have our differences, and we have discussed our fears that we are just to different and won’t be able to solve our conflicts because of that. But I feel, and pay he feels the same, that our differences compliment each other and just need to learn each other more.

any advice? I don’t want to be without him, but I don’t want to struggle for the rest of my life. Should we break up? Are we just incompatible or do lasting relationships usually go through this struggle? He isn’t my perfect man, but nobody is perfect, and I do love him, please help us.

Category: Tags: asked April 23, 2015