Roommate Issues


I’ve been living with my husband and he wants his best friend to continue living with us. But I can’t handle that this guy doesn’t do his share of the chores around the house when I ask him to, puts off chores, and hides in his room all day when he isn’t working.

I’ve taken this issue up with my husband, who says he’ll talk to the guy about it, but I see no improvements or sign of caring.

What can I do?

Category: Tags: asked September 29, 2015

3 Answers

Obviously your husband isn’t going to want to kick his best friend out of the house, but he should be considering your concerns about his best friend. As his wife, you should be before your husband’s best friend in regards to priority. If your husband isn’t doing much to help make you comfortable by fixing the situation, that’s another problem right there.Anyway, I’m currently having roommate issues myself. My advice would be to sit your husband’s best friend down and have a serious conversation about your concerns (If you haven’t already). You mentioned that you’ve talked to him and that you’ve also had your husband talk to him. But men tend to be ignorant when it comes to most things, so you have to make sure that they are completely focused on what you are saying to them. Your husband’s best friend needs to understand that he cannot continue to live with you and your husband if he doesn’t start to contribute more. You should point out anything that you’re not okay with immediately. If your husband’s best friend doesn’t do the dishes when he saw that the sink was full, talk to him about it as soon as you can. Most people tend to hold in their annoyance/anger until it becomes a bigger issue than it was. Besides, he’s going to think he has gotten away with not doing the dishes if he’s not spoken to about it.Again, your husband most likely won’t want to kick his best friend out of the house, but your needs need to come before his best friend’s, especially when his best friend is taking advantage of his wife.
Very similar situation, check the letter and the comments for extra tips:
Be straight forward and tell him EXACTLY what you want. Tell him how his friend doesn't do crap and you don't have to put up with him. And if your boyfriend truly cares about you, he'll understand it's quite unfair of a situation you're living in