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In January I told this one guy I had a crush on him and he didn’t say anything other then ‘wow wasn’t expecting that’, so I let it go to still keep him as a friend and then a couple weeks ago he had me listen to a song but it wasn’t my type so I didn’t listen to the whole song then and he stopped talking to me and at first I thought it was because of school cause he is graduating this year so he has a lot of stress but then I listened to the song and the lyrics were ‘stay awake with you we live for nights like this the ones we never forget.’ And we used to stay awake talking to each other til like three on the morning and those were the best nights. But is he trying to tell me something through this song? And if he was did I mess up by not listening to it then?

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Sometimes people do use songs as a way to bring over a message. In your case it seems very likely that he meant it for all the nights you two spent talking. His feelings may be a bit hurt if you didn't even bothered to listen to it. Sometimes people hope you'd automatically understand the 'hidden' message behind it. Try to start a conversation with him. You could say something like "hey, remember that song you once linked me? I was listening to it the other day and the lyrics remind me so much of how we always talked until late at night, those were some good times. We should talk again sometime and catch up." This is just an example though. You can choose what you want to say and what you'd like to do, but something like that can be a way to reconnect again and to pick up where you two left off.
Hm. Ask him why he isn't answering your messages? It's really difficult to figure if someone was trying to say something through a song. The only way to figure it out is by talking to him. Communication is key. Good luck (:
I like the above comment on bringing the song up^^^But, also if he didnt respond to your initial statement that you had a crush on him, That may be a sign that hes not ready for a relationship with you. I would talk to him about it again and really try and see where he's at with this. As far as the whole "Let me show you this song to show you how I feel" thing? SIGH, for little romantic purposes i get it, but if a guy really likes you, he should be telling you in person. Or at least more directly than having you try and decipher what a song means. I would see what hes thinking, and if he dosent give you a clear idea that he'd like to move forward, I would move on. Hes not worth your time if he's going to waste it by acting shocked. People know what they want most of the time, and if they dont, why waste your own time waiting on them to decide? Good luck dearM
well maybe, the best way to convince a guy you have a crush on him is to spend some leisure time with him, away from technology as far as the song goes I think from my experience the guy you have a crush on,could emphasize the meaning of the song, or he should @least say "i love you to", in this chaotic world we live in people don't like to admit a love for something but most people dont know what they have till it's gone. So if i was approached by some1 and they told me they liked me, I would try to get together, good or bad being with some1 is better than being by you're self.. thats what i think.