We are all here for the same thing, to get help and understand what we are going all coping with, So why judge?
So yeah i love sex, i love talking about and im here to help anyone else who is coping with the same thing….

Tags: asked February 11, 2014

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Clarify a little, please. Do you mean you are comfortably experienced at sex to give advice, or do you mean more along the lines that you're a sex addict? You were not especially clear, but nevertheless, it is good that you're willing to help others. (:
I am a sex addict, i cannot get enough i feed of anything that is involved with sex... I want to help others who could be going through this too..
I'm a porn addict. Worst than that, I'm a rape porn addict. And you know what, my mind is ashamed of it, but my body isn't.
My boyfriend keeps asking for a threesome, and I'll admit that the idea of it appeals to me, but lately he's been actively looking for another girl and just thinking about actually watching him with someone else (whether or not I'm involved) just makes me sick. He had a threesome with his ex, and I feel like if I don't then I'll never beat out his biggest fantasy, but if I do then I won't ever be enough on my own again.