Really need relationship/crush advice.


Okay so I may have dug my own, but I went to my crush because my wingman sadly told me I may be friend zoned. I went to her to go clarify whether this was true. I walked her from her friends took her somewhere where we were alone, and so I asked her. She said we are only friends but that is because we barely met. So when I heard this I got a bit happy and so I just continued to talk to her. She said she dated deuces a lot and I told that I am not a deuce, I am just a guy that really really cares. I told her that I only act like this because of my past. That is when she asked me to tell her my past. So putting trust in her I told her my life story. After that I walked her to class and said bye. Then I saw her after school, but she totally ignored. She didn’t even turn my way. I am not sure if she knew I was there but I don’t know. Did I mess up real bad? Can I get myself out of my situation or do I let time go by? Am I totally deep in a hole now? Should I just let go if she doesn’t acknowledge me at all? I always acknowledge her on campus.

Category: asked October 22, 2013

3 Answers

You might have told her a bit too much when you explained your past. You need to go right up to her, stop her where she's walking, and ask what's going on. Did you think that she might be shy? Maybe she's in the same position as you and is waiting to be asked out. Maybe she ignored you because she's nervous to be around you. Don't give up. Go after her and be with her.
I'd say you should approach her, just as long as it's not when she's trying to hurry to class or something. But yeah-I've been in her situation before-like I'm almost afraid to look at my crush sometimes, let alone go approach them if say I notice them across the lunch room-I know it's bad, and I want to change that-maybe she's the same way. Maybe she's thinking at this very moment "damn it, why couldn't I just say hi to him at least?!"
Just ask her what's going because the confusion will just torment. Even if she says she just wants to be friends, at least then you know where you stand and you can move on, or she might be up for trying to be more than friends and you get to be happy together. But you won't really know unless you talk too her.Lots of love xx