Really like a boy?


Well I know this boy and we’ve started to get quite close, we talk everyday on Facebook, texts, Snapchat and he said that he ‘kind of liked me’ one night when we were on Facetime but has never brought it up again? He’s very good looking though and could get a girl a lot prettier, more interesting, funnier etc than me, but he said that and now I’m not really sure what to do? He’s 1 year older than me and goes to a different school, we haven’t met each other in person yet but we’re going to the cinema soon.
Any answers, advice, comments will be appreciated, negative or positive, I just really want to know what other people’s opinion on the situation is :)

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5 Answers

I assume he's just afraid to bring it up again because he doesnt wanna annoy you, or force something on you. If you like him back, bring up what he said and tell him how you feel. Good luck, Stay strong. (: If you need anything message me.
well just hang out with him and see where it goes, make sure you are careful since you dont know him in person. You can never be too cautious(: but anyways follow your intuition and see where it brings ya!
Just go with the flow of things. :) Go to the cinema with him, and just keep doing what you're doing. Guys can be confusing sometimes. I think that he probably does like you, he's just playing it cool.
He wouldn't hang out with you if he didn't find you interesting, funny, and cool! So get that "not-good-enough" idea out of your head! He obviously likes you and you should just go with the flow without over-analyzing! Best of luck!
He might have felt awkward after telling you he likes you. From your description, it sounds like you'd have no trouble getting closer to him and getting together :)