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how do i know if my friends are ‘real’ friends? i feel like i just have people who i socialise with, but not that i could talk to them about anything :/

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i submitted this question before i just signed up. i know what you mean 'goodnightgracie' but its weird because i have friends and i love them to bits, but i just feel like sometimes when we're talking, we're just talking about nothing. everyday i go to college and we talk about the same superficial things. maybe its just me, maybe my friends will listen to me and be there for me through anything, maybe its me who's incapable of telling them how i feel :/
If they are your real friends, they would be there for you no matter what. Even people that don't know you are willing to listen to what's wrong and to try to help, especially people here on this website.Maybe they feel the same way as you, and they don't know what to do either. You should try to open up to them, to see if they open up to you.