real friends!?


So my boyfriend is pledging which is awesome except I don’t see him that much anymore except for yesterday when I finally got to spend just a little time with him but he had to leave because of course he’s pledging so I got upstairs to my dorm room and see my “friends” getting dressed up to go on a road trip when I asked where they were going they lied i wouldn’t have know where they were going if I wouldn’t have overheard them in the bathroom. They tried to hide it from me because it was obvious they didn’t want me to go. These are the same people screaming we should stick together. Same people talking crap about each other just last week now they’re taking road trips. They blamed it on me spending too much time with my bf but obviously thats not true because he’s pledging like I said before. Are they real friends or not? Should I just leave em alone and ride solo? They haven’t spoken since they came back.

asked October 4, 2015

2 Answers

Darling read what you wrote here and then tell me, do you really think good friends would do that? There's no more fake friendship than that. And you're wasting your time with people who don't deserve it. Go out, go to different places and meet different people. Make new friends, GOOD friends who truly want you in their lifes and don't give you super crappy excuses. Life is too short for people who are not worth it to keep in our lifes. So move on, and find other friends. I know you can do this. Wish you the best of luck!
No good friend would do that to you. They're leaving you out, lying to you, and blaming you. These people aren't real friends. You should definitely just do your own thing, and find better friends. Most importantly, move on from them before they can hurt you even more.