so i was watching videos on youtube then this guy said “you should rape the girl”and his comment got over 100 likes which is really sad and proofs how much people support rape and what i don’t get is WHY WHY do some people support it WHY?

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In most of the world we teach women not to get raped rather than teach our men not to rape. That is why comments like that exist. That is why comments such as that receive likes.
A cop didn't believe I was raped. It's part of the fucking culture that unless it's a violent attack, it's seen as a joke or as a lie. It's sick to think how people take rape so lightly. I really do not understand how the idea of forced sex is funny.
Some people are just sick human beings. I think rape should NEVER be joked about. It happens all the time and the victim sometimes never gets over it! It's wrong and it's also a form of control and manipulation. People on the internet get this chip on their shoulders sometimes and they don't mean what they say or they just say it in a joking manner, not realizing that someone out there was in that situation. Sometimes the things people say has to roll off your back, have an opinion about someones stupidity but dont let it rule and control your life.
It is really unsettling the way some people treat rape, and youtube is the worst. Its hard enough not to think about it, and then it seems its everywhere. If you ever hear people joking about it in real life, correct them. Educating people is the only way we'll stomp out the problem.
I think people are born good and innocent, when you first see something like rape depicted it's horrible to see right? But then the next time it's less shocking.. And it reminds me of a poem."A vice is a monster of such frightful means, to be hated needs only to be seen. Yet seen too oft, familiar with its face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace." It's by Alexander Pope, but I modified it a little. I think we become desensitized to horrible things like rape and murder when they are depicted too often and especially for entertainment.
Rape is disgusting and makes me puke in my mouth. Fuck all people that say rape is "uh... ok" and "can't be too harmful." Rape needs to be taken seriously, but the world we live in now just sucks. It does. I say we take a stand and do what's right for our country.
I don't think they support it, I think they think that it's funny and it is not funny. I heart jokes about it almost every fucking day and it makes my life a living hell because it just reminds me of it. People don't understand who traumatizing it is and they just think it's funny. Some also think that a lot of girls make it up, and while unfortunately a lot of females do a lot more don't. It's just that no one takes is seriously.
Youtube should just disable comments on all videos to avoid all the shit that is being said there, I swear... For fuck's sake.
It's one of those subjects that should NEVER be joked about, but this is unfortunately the word we live in. It's usually shrugged off as 'free speech'. I find it tasteless, heartless, and outright scummy. It a. enforces the 'normality' of rape culture and b. forces victims to relive/painfully associate just that WORD with a traumatic experience. And men egg on other men, it's just natural (and also scummy)
You realize it's YouTube right? I mean it's no better than the 4chan, LoL, or Xboxlive community. Just a bunch of computer warriors running their mouths. See all kinds of "kill yourself" or "I want to blow up a children's hospital" or "this video gave me cancer" type comments all the time.
chill number 1 and number 2 if you think it's wrong and millions of us think the same their is still someone out there who think it is right or else rape wouldn't occur and they actually encouraged it and i read their nasty comments @patchwork plus i never said "these people obviously like rape" your words not mine i only said they were encouraging it
How the fuck did that translate into "these people obviously like rape"? Are you stupid? If I say "Why did the chicken cross the road?" are you going to start questioning me about where the fuck did I get this chicken? Calm the fuck down.

And to all the other people here, literally nobody thinks rape is okay. Even rapists know it's wrong, they're hypocrites, and they know it's the wrong thing to do. It would probably be taken a lot more seriously if people like you wouldn't keep screaming it as a buzzword constantly.