random poetry/lyric writing i made


When i met you i thought that,
our fairytale was no myth and,
you were my prince
in the world of beasts.

but now the story’s changed and,
youve turned into this parasite that,
sinks its teeth into my skin,
our love its bittersweet poison.

and it hurts to say goodbye,
cos it just doesnt seem right,
but when everything is wrong,
you have to leave everything behind.

I want you to know,
that despite our differences
my heart belongs to you
even if its in pieces.

look up to the sky when
you get alone and
remember my presense in the wind.

I’ll always be there
even if my heart
isnt in your hands….
if you misplace it,
i will understand.

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3 Answers

Amazing poem! I loved it. You're a talented writer, beautiful. ^___^
I'm assuming you're new to the site, you should join the poetry group! Here's a link to it: https://blahtherapy.com/user-groups/poetry/forum/
OOOh thanks so much guys it really means alot! and thanks peanutter (awesome name) i shall join that group!! :))