Racist parents


Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble with my relationship and parent. I’m currently seeing a guy, who happen to be black, so I have to hide it from my mum because she is extremely racist. She found out about my ex while we were together and she was really upset! :( but now I really like this new guy I’m with and don’t know how to tell her? I don’t want to lose my mum over anyone but I also don’t want to lose someone who makes me happy because she can’t accept it. Any advice?

Category: asked December 14, 2014

3 Answers

You don't have to choose anyone among the two. Tell your mother that she doesn't have to like the guy you date with, but ask he only for respect. If not for him, then for you. Besides, it's your own business with whom you date and with whom you don't.
You can't change people's beliefs especially deeply rooted one's the only thing you can do is love in that there is peace.
I would recommend waiting until the two of you are very serious until you take him to meet your mother. Talk to her before you meet. Remember that you don't have to choose between your mother and your boyfriend. It's your business. Your mother is only looking out for you.