Questioning My Sexuality


I already asked the question but, I don’t exactly push out of my mind the question of my sexuality, Im 80% sure Im straight but the 20% wonders if I am Bisexual, the thought has crossed my mind before and many of my friends are Bisexual so it just seems to come up often, any advice on how to either close or open the thought? I don’t exactly know to be honest how sure I’m straight or how I’m unsure, but I just put some numbers in.

Category: asked April 9, 2015

2 Answers

You could also be bi-curious instead of plain out bisexual. These days there are many labels though. Within time you'll find what you think suits you best.
The pressure and allure of those around you can have an affect. SO, first your have to know how you feel when not around others you know. You can begin assessing this by noting how you feel when in a place such as a deli coffee shop etc. & how you feel as you see strangers coming in... keep a point-number amount written on that. 2/ Next write down what was most "attractive" about that person 3/The next is personal on how you feel when you flow different scenarios through your mind when you are experiencing pleasure on your own by yourself. Write down in columns what made you feel [Be Honest] truly comfortable & what did not or had a weird feeling that even if slight was uncomfortable. Then you will know 'what' you're sexually. Learning & growing and experiencing carefully based on what kind of relationship you want... this will light you to the truth of who you are and what makes you happy. PEACE, Suzanna