Question about a child?


I have two step-children, who I love dearly-as if I gave birth to them.
Their biological mother still has visitation with them every Wednesday and every other weekend, so they see her quite often. She is not so good in the parenting department.
Lately my fiance and I have been trouble getting our 5 year old daughter to eat meals, or anything lately, other than her Halloween candy of course. It is starting to concern me a lot, because her biological mother has had an eating disorder and I’ve heard her call our daughter chubby “according to her BMI” right in front of this child. Our daughter also has an older friend of the family (10-12yrs old) that she sees quite often that has also made comments in front of our child that if she “does not eat then she won’t get fat”.
I know she’s only 5, but s it right for me to be extremely concerned about this? and should I take her to see a professional child therapist just in case? She will literally sit at the table for dinner for 2+ hours straight and take only 2 bites of food.

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I think that's pretty normal for children to go through a phase like that. I think if it gets any worse or this continues, you should take to a doctor or a specialist. It is right of you to be concerned. You love her and you want the best for her.
Hi In my opinion you should definitely keep an eye on her, she's just a little girl maybe by talking to her asking how she feels, maybe she'll tell you something. But if these situation gets any worse you should definitely talk to a doctor. I hope this helps, best of luck.
It's kinda hard to decide. It could be just a phase, but it could also be a big problem. I think that, since she's eating candy, it's just something that all kids go through. But, you should keep an eye on her and her eating habits. Maybe at her next doctor appointment you could ask him about it, see what he thinks. You might also want to confront her mom about it, out of her earshot, and ask her to stop saying that about her daughter, maybe even ask her to tell her daughter that she is nowhere near fat. Maybe even do the same with her older friend. Also, keep reminding her that she is beautiful and you love her. Tell her that no matter what, you'll always love her. Hope this helped! Good luck!
do not let anyone bully a child into believing they are "fat", i think she probably is just going threw a phase and making her go to a psychologist at such a young age will be a negative experience. just talk to her one on one or maybe don't let her eat candy till she eats food.