Putting the Past Behind Me:


In regards to my earlier post about “Girls, Guys, Romantics & non-romantics” I finally got the balls to check my tumblr, and my ex and I are engaging in small talk for now. I’ve decided to take it really slow and cautiously. I don’t want to startle her away, or make her question the genuine feels of friendship I want. Eventually, I want to pick up the pace and perhaps date her, but I don’t know how that’ll work. So, I’m okay with friendship. I want to know, what are some things I should ask her to keep her interested? To keep the flame fueled, maybe even rekindling the old flame? Or should, I just not seek closure at all and walk away?

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1 Answer

I think it's sweet that's you chill and wait for her, and if you really want to be with her I think go ahead and try it , cuz me being a girl myself she might think it's cute how your trying to stay in her life and wait and see for her opinion. She might want you back , but doesn't want to make it seem too obvious.