Pushing people away


Am a dude, 23 years old. Am really social and outgoing. I know allot of people. Most of my friends genuinely care about me(presents birthday, asking me to come with them on holiday, are there for me when i need them). But in a strange way i don’t have the urge to care allot for them. I don’t know why. F.e. This summer i spend my holiday abroad. When i came back i start hanging out with some new friends i made. I didn’t spoke much to my old friends. I don’t know why. I didn’t felt the urge to speak with them(i spoke with them barely). At a certain point a good friend from the ‘old crew’ spoke to me about it and asked me why i pushed them away. I told him i didn’t know and it’s not my intend. So i start working on it and know i see them more but on the other hand am neglecting other friendships(friends besides my old and new crew). Why do you think am pushing people away. Is it because am To social that i have subconscious the feeling they are replaceable?

Category: asked January 18, 2014

2 Answers

From the looks of it you mentally see yourself as the big shot since they show interest in you in a lot of way and you general personality goes like "I'm awesomely liked" and moves on with friends and everything, not putting any weight or general relationship into the old friendships. You probably don't see anything more within the old relationships so you don't really have nothing to hold you to them and you subconciously don't have problems to move on. (Actually a good thing if a person moves from place to place often and sometimes developed at that time.)
That is a possibility but on the other hand I also have allot of people(whom are really important to me=> big family(nephews and nieces from my age) ; parents; sister; friends whom i grew up with) who also crave for attention. It's like i don't have allot of time to share it with everyone. So that's been buggin me so much. How can i invest in certain people if I don't have that much time for them. Cuz besides that I also study, work 1 day in the week and travel allot. The thing thats been buggin me is that it hurts them...