Problems with family and mental health


I was recently diagnosed with severe GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I’ve always known something was wrong with me, but I wasn’t sure what it was until recently. I decided to tell some select close members of my family, because in my family’s culture its considered “weak” to seek help.
Most were okay with receiving the news, but the general theme with the reactions was disbelief. To quote one family member: “Just ignore it and it will stop, its all in your head. You’re not really sick, you’re just faking. Pray to god and you will find peace.”

I’m currently receiving treatment for my mental illness, I decided to complete it despite my family’s wishes that I not. I’m not sure if I should continue giving them information about my treatment. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any and all advice is welcome, thank you.

Category: asked August 25, 2015

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Hi. I was diagnosed with severe depression about 3 weeks a go and like you, my family think you're weak and even stupid to seek help. They did not want me to go see a therapist because they think i'm just crazy and spoil. (Can you believe that!?) It hurted my feelings but I went anyways and it was great to be vulnerable and what you and my family consider "weak". I have another appointment in 2 weeks and can't wait. My advice is to seek help. Go with your heart on this it will pay off in time. Your family just doesn't realize that is it something major but they will until then do what you feel is best. Message me anytime and please give me updates.
Hi, Misden!

I am really sorry you are not getting the support you deserve from your family. The last thing you are is weak. Finding the help you need especially without the support of your family requires a lot of courage. So good for you for recognizing this and doing what you believe you need to do to reach happiness! :)

My advice to you is to continue your treatment and do your best to not get into the details of your treatment with your family. My guess is that they'll inquire about it, but do the best you can. Instead of opening up to them, open up to those around you that do support you and will offer you encouragement. If you are having trouble finding that on some days: remember we're here for you on BlahTherapy! Are there any support groups you can join around your area? Group therapy is a great place to meet people with similar life problems.

It may hurt to not open up to your family, but remember you are not alone.

Best wishes,