Problems to study or do anything


Recently, I have a list of things I wanted to do, like work out or playing guitar more often.
When I’m at university, All I do is want to go home so I can learn a lot about the things that I saw in class.

The problem is, when I get home, I just want to lay down and/or do nothing.
I just don’t feel with energy to do any of the things I just mentioned, even I like doing that stuff because theyy fulfill my dreams.

What can be the thing that provoques this?

Category: asked May 13, 2015

1 Answer

It could just be a temporary feeling. It may pass on it's own. Or, you may just be drained from taking in so much information during class. You could try taking less classes, see if that works? The problem could also be a lack of motivation. Keep yourself going by reminding yourself every day why you are in school, and what you hope to become one day. Remember how much money is spent for school...a lot, right? Don't waste it. You can take a nap or take a break when you get home. I advise making a to-do list, or a schedule. Start off by doing small tasks, and work your way up. Reward yourself every time you get something done. It's just about finding the right amount of work and play. When I lose motivation, I like to look up inspiring or motivating videos. Youtube is great for that. Hang in there buddy. School is tough, but it's definitely worth the work. I'm sure you will make yourself and your family proud one day.