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If busting with the load is not felt, add a second, Primal Grow Pro then a third. Practice in this mode for 3-4 weeks, then return to the beginning – to one additional home training. Fulfillment: Accept a position of an emphasis on straight hands, having put brushes so that thumbs Primal Grow Pro index fingers touched each other (as in a photo). First, slowly lower yourself to the lower position, Primal Grow Pro then with a powerful effort squeeze yourself up. At the upper point, statically strain the triceps into the “one-two” count Primal Grow Pro only then lower yourself to the lower position. This technique will increase the triceps payload. Advantages: First of all, this option of push-ups stimulates the middle area of the chest. At the same time, the upper Primal Grow Pro lower pectoralis major, deltas, Primal Grow Pro triceps work to a lesser extent. the entire musculature of the back is statically tense. Fulfillment: Accept an emphasis position on straight hands. Do not bulge or lower your head. Keep it strictly on the line of the spine. Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. First, lower yourself to the bottom position, Primal Grow Pro then with a powerful effort squeeze yourself in straight arms. In the upper position, statically stronger, tighten the chest ones at the expense of “one or two”. Only then go down to the floor. Do not straighten your elbows all the way! Leave them slightly bent. Keep your press tense. Avoid sagging belly! Advantages: When the body takes a tilt position, Primal Grow Pro your head is much higher than the feet, the emphasis is shifted to the lower region of the pectoral muscles. Since in this embodiment, the legs take on most of your weight than with normal push-ups, it feels less complex.

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