Please help me with my summer relationship


I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend that I’ve met in college and this is our first summer away from each other (we live about an hour and a half away from each other). This week my boyfriend will be visiting me for a few days. He’ll be leaving on the 4th of july because he has work the next morning, which is in the afternoon. Every year my family and I sit on the beach and watch the fire works. I asked him to stay longer friday, and he said “we’ll see, I need to chill before work”, which means, leave my house super early.

Two days ago he visited his friend that was an hour away, and left his place late because of work in the next morning. Why can he leave late from his friends house and not me on a holiday. How should I handle this situation? I’m very upset.

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2 Answers

As much as it ticks you off that he stayed later at his friends house and won't stay later for you is completely normal, I think you should tell him it upsets you, but don't throw it out of proportion, to be honest you shouldn't compare what he does for you and what he does for friends because you are his girlfriend yes ofcourse you mean more to him sentimentally, unless it keeps happening that he's treating you unfairly i wouldn't worry so much. As long as it makes you feel better that you're telling him it's upsetting you, and you guys communicate properly. To keep not only a relationship but especially a long distance one, you have to communicate as much as you can, so it doesn't repeat.
Hi. Long distance relationships are never easy. There is always the factor of not being with each other, and more than that, there are always things that can be misunderstood. I am not saying that you are misunderstanding him. I suggest you share your feeling with him. Ask him that you really want him to stay longer and tell him that it will mean a lot to you if he can stay longer. Maybe he really has some work that needs him to leave early. But I would again suggest that you have an open conversation with him and ask him why he wants to leave early. I dont think bringing up the topic of "him leaving his friend's house late" will be ideal in this conversation. All the best :)