please help! in love with my friend but now avoiding her


so im inlove with my friend(we’re both girls)though i know she has a boyfriend and they’re long distance. we have this connection and i feel like she likes me too. but just recently we met one of his guy friends and we found out that he’s inlove with her. he knows she has a boyfriend and she also told him that they can only be friends. but lately they always go out, eat lunch together and she even brings food for him at work. I dont understand why she’s doing this when she has a boyfriend. and ofcourse i am jealous and it really hurts me. So what I’m doing is I’m trying to avoid her,i dont text,chat with her(we used to chat everyday), and dont reply on our group chat. but its affecting my other friends.they always invite me to hang out but I always refuse to go coz I know she’ll bring that guy with her and its killing me seeing her with him. Now they are all bothered including her on why im acting like avoiding them. Am I doing the right thing? or what do i need to do? I just want to save my heart from being hurt. please help.

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2 Answers

I can understand that it hurts to see your friend getting along so well with someone, while you're in love with her. However, even if she wouldn't be hanging with that guy so much, that doesn't take away the fact that she has a boyfriend. Ignoring her is giving her a wrong signal. No matter with how many people she would get along with so well, that won't change the fact that she's not available. I can understand that they're bothered that you're avoiding them, because they don't understand why you do that. Try to reconnect with them and if they ask why you avoided them, you could say something like you just needed some time alone.
Thank you guys so much. I will try to reconnect with them and catch up. Thanks again! :)