Pissed off!


I’m new here hoping i can get some help… Went on chat to vent and the so called ” Lister ” told me to Google my problems…

Well fuck! I’m alone, i feel like it.

Tags: asked February 10, 2014

4 Answers

You're not alone. You can always pm me. I promise to listen and give what advice I can. Stay strong. -MultipleMinds
Multiple minds is right. There are always weeds in a garden. Of course advice isn't universal, use your discernment.
You're truly not alone, just in this little space here are 4 people who may be able to help you and possibly even relate. We want to help you in any way you can. I'm sure you can message any of us and we will provide you with honest, and valuable assistance. Take a deep breath. It is not worth being angry over. :)
Sorry mate, hang in there. There are a lot of people who truly want to help. Of course, you can't expect someone to always have an answer to everything, no body in the chat is actually a pro or anything.

You're not alone.