Piece of advice for all listeners…


… this should come of no suprise… LISTEN

READ PROPERLY, take the time read properly and let the venter tell their story before you jump in.

Ive been on here a couple of times, and many times I have been misinterpreted because the listener skimmed through and was more interested in responding quickly than actually taking the time to read.

Seriously if the venter isn’t patient enough to give you time to read their problem and give a response, that is THEIR problem not YOURS.

All it takes is to miss one key word or mis read something to completely miss the point of what someone is trying to say.

Also, please try wait til the listener has finished before you come in with advice, rather than trying to advise them after the first thing they tell you. People jump the gun way too much on this site.

asked May 21, 2015

6 Answers

On the flip side, some venters get so incredibly impatient if someone doesn't reply instantly. If you want to share everything first before they jump in, say so. Usually jumping in is done to show you that they are in fact listening. Kindly point out at the start that you prefer to share first and once you're done, they can reply. This also makes it easier for listeners do adapt to your needs.
People view helping people as something centered around advise, which is not true. You also have to demonstrate patience for the other person as well. Some people are too eager to demonstrate what they know, solely for feeling good about themselves and not thinking about how much it relates to the person.

The same goes for people who vent on you. They believe that the moment they click on vent, they should get some advise or answer immediately. They don't realize that they too have to exercise patience as well. Just because the venter.

Honestly I am glad that you brought this up for people tend to get carried away with themselves at times.
How about not pasting a giant wall of text and asking listeners to read it? We're volunteering our time the least you can do is have a conversation. if you're pre-typing and copy pasting you're better off posting on the forums or the Q & A.
At the same time, please be understanding towards people that give you their time, it can happen to miss one word, there's no space to have a conversation if misunderstanding something makes you angry.
I have a tip for listeners, don't just sit there but don't type like a wildman ether. MIDDLE FUCKING GROUND DUDES!
Your interest in helping BlahTherapy Listeners improve their abilities is admirable. If you'd like, please go to the Listener's forum and read the short article I posted on The Rules of Being A Listener.